Reduce Stress. Build Strength, Flexibility & Balance.

Vinyasa Flow

Integrate your body, breath and mind in a series of asana linked together by mindful  flowing movements. Develop strength, balance, and flexibility and enhance well-being. Class starts with a set of warm up exercises to lubricate the spine and joints, flows into yoga asana that includes balances, inversions and poses that  target specific areas of the body. End with a gentle yoga floor flow that will melt you into deep relaxation. Appropriate for all levels.

Light & Easy

A Light Vinyasa Flow class which includes deep stretching and basic poses. Great for beginners or any level student wanting an easy-does-it class.


Our bodies have the ability to relax if given the right circumstances. In a restorative class, poses are supported and held for longer periods to facilitate relaxation of  the body, helping to bring the mind to stillness and linking the body and breath. Restorative class will help you relax, restore and receive. We use blankets, eye pillows, bolsters and blocks to gently guide the body to let go and move into stillness. When supported with props, the body opens, releasing tension and stored-up toxins that can cause illness. Restorative poses offer benefits to both the body and the mind. Restorative yoga has been proven to help conditions such as insomnia, asthma, chronic pain, migraines and depression. Come in and take a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of busyness. *During the colder months, it is a good idea to layer and wear socks for this class.

Hot Yoga

Bikram-inspired Class set to 80-85 degrees. Heats muscles, strengthens the heart and helps to bring clarity and focus to your practice. Not to mention the cleansing part of it. Feel refreshed and centered after the one and a half hour session. Come sweat and detox! Open to all levels of yogis!

Power Hour


Open, cleanse and energize your body, mind and spirit! A yoga class built for a good workout. 90 minutes of  strength, flexibility, and balance building in a powered and fun way. Cultivate physical, mental and emotional openings to bring your body into balance. Movements may exceed traditional yoga in order to build more strength and work your core.