In Progress...

The new space is coming right along! The walls have a fresh coat of beautiful light blue paint, the flooring is going in, new bathroom appliances and more coming soon! There is something so exciting about seeing a space be transformed and looking forward to the finished product. 

In many ways yoga is similar, we watch ourselves transform as we progress from class to class. The difference is we are not working towards a "finished product". We are making small steps towards a better self. Our little accomplishments in every class are evidence we are making progress: nailing crow pose for the first time, not using our knees in our chaturanga because we have built our arm strength, going deeper in our warrior poses than we ever thought possible, or even laying in Savasana in peaceful meditation without checking of our to-do list in our heads... these may seem simple from the outside, but they feel WONDERFUL as we experience them on our mats. We may not ever have a pretty "finished" product to show for it, but Yoga is a journey, not a destination.

*We will be moving into the new space Friday, May 15th